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Meet Wauwatosa Chiropractor Dr. Elena Boles


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Dr. Boles received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern College outside of Minneapolis after completing her undergraduate work at The Ohio State University. She also obtained certification from the International College of Applied Kinesiology. Her time in the classroom at Northwestern was very rewarding, as she was consistently on the dean’s list, but she most enjoyed providing patient care in a clinic in neighboring St. Paul.

She looks back on her exposure to new friends and people from all over the world as one of the highlights of her chiropractic education. She was honored to be invited into a community-based internship with a chiropractor who’d been an Olympic medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling. “I was flattered that he would ask me to work with him and that I had the chance to learn from an Olympic medalist.”

Finding Chiropractic

Dr. Boles didn’t always know that she wanted to be a chiropractor. Her first career was in public relations, but when she sustained an injury and began missing work as a result, her supervisor introduced her to something new. “She insisted that I see her chiropractor and was absolutely convinced he was going to help me,” explains Dr. Boles.

“I was amazed at how much better I felt, and that I could feel so great without drugs or surgery. It was very eye-opening,” thought Dr. Boles.

The further her treatment continued, the more impressed she became with the care. Finally, in a season of life where she was looking to make a career change, she decided to pursue a chiropractic education so that she could help others in the same wonderful way she had been helped.

Keeping Her Passion Alive

Caring for patients is, in itself, the appeal of chiropractic for Dr. Boles, who obtained licensure in five states. She continues to be excited to help people in the same way she was helped over 20 years ago. She also continues to be amazed and greatly impressed by the power of chiropractic to heal in a natural way, without drugs or surgery.

She isn’t just passionate about helping people. She feels that same desire to help animals as well. Dr. Boles completed her postgraduate training in Animal Chiropractic at Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic in August 2014. She is certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association and the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

In addition to giving of herself for the benefit of others in her practice, Dr. Boles and Boles Chiropractic Centre LLC host an annual charity fundraiser each autumn for the Hunger Task Force.

Have questions about Dr. Boles and her approach to chiropractic and patient care? Give us a call today at (414) 476-0111.