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Animal Chiropractic Examinations

The Examination

Animal Chiropractic examDuring the exam Dr. Boles will feel, or palpate, your pets’ joints. When a restricted joint is found, it is corrected by an adjustment. The adjustment is a very specific and gentle thrust into the joint. After the adjustment, the joint is palpated again to be certain that it is moving freely. The adjustments usually look like quick little pushes on the animal. Most animals truly enjoy being adjusted and are relaxed and happy during their appointment.

After Your Visit

Most animals experience immediate improvement in their mobility and pain after their treatment and are pretty happy about it. Therefore, some animals are very playful immediately afterward. Some animals appear quiet, even tired, after their appointment and will sleep more that first day. In very rare cases, some pets will appear sore after an adjustment. The soreness is short lived and they are usually very comfortable within 24 hours.

Does My Animal Need To Be Seen Again?

Most animals show some visible improvement after the first treatment, however some may require several treatments to reach that level of improvement. Initially, it is common to have three adjustments scheduled more closely together to gain a good understanding of your pet’s response and improvement. Recent problems often respond quickly to treatments, while longer term problems usually require more treatments.

Integrated Care

All animals should be under regular Veterinary care. Chiropractic care is integrated with their regular Veterinary treatment and is neither a replacement nor an alternative to traditional Veterinary care. Call today to schedule an appointment or learn more about animal chiropractic at Boles Animal Chiropractic LLC. (414) 476-0111

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