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About Boles Chiropractic Centre LLC

Dr. Elena Boles began practicing in 1995, and has been serving patients at Boles Chiropractic Centre LLC since 1997. From the first time you walk into our warm and relaxing practice, you’ll know that Dr. Boles encourages perseverance, with a gentle and reassuring demeanor.

She knows what it’s like to suffer from a debilitating injury, and she teaches a positive attitude as patients move toward recovery. “By the mile it’s a trial, and by the yard it’s hard— but by the inch it’s a cinch!” Dr. Boles often tells her patients. She believes that health is our number-one most valuable possession and enjoys helping her patients restoring health.

Who We Care For

Boles Chiropractic Centre LLC is a family practice, welcoming people from all walks of life and with all sorts of needs. We do tend to see a lot of patients who need immediate relief from injuries and accidents, but we also help many patients longing to find answers for chronic conditions and people who simply want to live a healthier lifestyle and keep their bodies in the best condition possible.

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We love our patients, young and old!

We see expectant moms and their new babies, children and families, and lots of adults. Chiropractic has been shown to benefit people at all ages and stages of life. Dr. Boles is trained in The Webster Technique for pregnant women, and can assist a breech baby in utero in turning into a proper head-down position. She’s a great encourager to those who may be feeling they should ignore the pain and tough it out. If that’s you, know that something is causing your pain, and you’ll be able to address your condition much more quickly and effectively if you address it before you lose physical function.

What Sets Us Apart?

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Boles truly cares for her patients, their well-being and what’s going on in their lives. You’ll never feel like a statistic, or like you are being rushed, at Boles Chiropractic Centre LLC. We have a reputation for putting patients at ease with our gentle and soothing approach, and we take our time with each patient.

Dr. Boles, who is licensed in five states, enjoys educating patients one-on-one about their condition and the healing process. She cares for your entire well-being and helps patients learn to be balanced in their approach to health and recovery. She is a licensed nutritional counselor, a certified aerobics instructor, and treats animals with chiropractic care as well! For more information, go to our page dedicated to animal chiropractic.

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